Choose Your Battles Wisely


Choose Your Battles Wisely

By NiRi

Legolas stood, soaking wet, his face blanked of expression. On the banks of a stream, the other members of the Fellowship all looked at him in shock, eyes wide, waiting for his reaction. A certain ranger had a poorly hidden smirk on his face, and Legolas realized he had two choices: He could be angry, say terrible things and storm off, assuring himself of being endlessly teased by Aragorn. Or, he could let his pride take a hit, and laugh at himself and join in the fun...and still be endlessly teased by his friend. Legolas chose the latter.

Remaining straight-faced, Legolas turned towards the dwarf who had pushed him into the river.

Gimli felt fear race through him as the elf turned to face him. He had taken this too far, Gimli realized. He and Legolas had been at each other since they had met in Rivendell. Neither he or the elf had made an attempt to befriend the other on their quest. Taunting words, ‘accidents’ and other misfortune had been ever present on their journey.

For the first time since their arrival, the whole of their company had allowed themselves the pleasure of some fun. The hobbits had started by splashing each other while washing, eventually pushing each other into the river. Boromir and Aragorn were soon dragged in, as well, despite the water‘s cold temperature. Legolas had stood there watching them play, a smug look on his face, and Gimli couldn’t resist. He had pushed the elf into the river with the others.

Now Gimli was going to get a full dose of the elf’s wrath. Eyes wide, he watched an impish grin spread across Legolas’s face. Then Gimli found himself getting hit with a large splash of water. Legolas then turned toward the others, and grinning widely begin to join the splashing, laughing brightly and calling out “WATER FIGHT!”

They separated into different teams strictly by chance. The four hobbits in the shallows stood together. Aragorn and Boromir stood side by side a bit further out in the stream, shivering, but laughing as they stood knee deep in the river. This left Legolas and Gimli to fend off the others, either on their own, or by teaming up.

They stared at each other a moment, each trying to decide whether they could put all that had gone before behind them. Legolas grinned and bowed, and Gimli could not resist the peace offering. He bowed back with a grin of his own and rushed to join his unlikely teammate, and together they rushed the others

: - :

Legolas sat beside the dwarf next to a roaring fire, enjoying the glares from the others. Over the course of the afternoon, much had changed. He cast a smug smile at Gimli, whose eyes twinkled merrily.

“I still say you cheated,” a hobbit mumbled.

“Nay, Pippin," Gimli replied. "You just learned a valuable lesson today. To face an elf, or a dwarf alone is difficult, but it is utter foolishness to attack them together!”

Legolas smiled at Gimli’s statement. It was true. Together, they had been undefeatable.

From that day on, an unspoken truce was made. During the rest of their stay, Legolas explored the woods, frequently taking Gimli with him. The other members of the Fellowship breathed in relief, thinking there would finally be peace.

But when the journey continued, their verbal sparring continued. It lacked the vehemence from prior to their stay in Lothlórien, but still, Legolas and Gimli enjoyed the battle of words. And as time passed, few would challenge the unlikely friends about the arguing. Any daring to do so found themselves suddenly confronting two strongly allied friends who would defend the other to the death, if need be.


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