There's No Knowing
Where You Might Be Swept Off To

Here you will find a collection of stories that are unrelated to each other or any series. They are stand alone stories written for various challenges/birthday gifts/etc., and focus on various characters/places/times.


This Side of Paradise
Aragorn finds there is nothing simple about a simple bath. Meanwhile, Arwen discovers that lending a helping hand has unexpected rewards. Too bad there's an evil Ring to be destroyed and an overprotective father in Imladris. What really happened while Frodo was recovering from the attack of the Witchking. Movieverse.
Rating: PG-13

The Son of Glóin
Glóin had known it was not a good idea to allow Gimli to go on the Quest, but never had he imagined it would come to this. A tale of the Fellowship and of the forming of the great friendship between Legolas and Gimli, but with a slight twist. AU 1st Place August 2009 ALEC.
Rating: PG-13

Odd Circumstances
Upon arriving in Emyn Arnen, Legolas and Aragorn find reason for suspicion, but upon investigation, will Legolas have found more than he can handle?
Rating: PG-13

The Strange Conversation Habits of Ellyn
In Lothlórien, Arwen overhears a group of ellyn and tries to make sense of their conversation.
Rating: PG-13

Drip, Splatter, Ploof!
Just another day in Imladris early in the Third Age, and Erestor is enjoying himself at Glorfindel's expense.
Rating: PG

Pippin's on a mission while visiting Aglarond. Gimli's having trouble with his eyes. And Legolas… Well, Legolas has a problem of his own.
Rating: PG

In Hot Water
After walking and fighting for days, Legolas and Gimli finally find respite some time after the Battle of Pelennor Fields.
Rating: PG-13

Some Things Never Change
It is rumored that in the last stage of life, elven men go through a final stage of development. For Aaron Rivers, aka Thranduil the Elvenking, the change comes as a surprise, for he has always considered such things to be a myth. Written for Jael's birthday, set in her Not Fade Away universe and posted with her permission.
Rating: PG

The Viewing
A Birthday gift for Jael. Set in her Not Fade Away universe. The fateful day that Thranduil, aka Aaron Rivers, finally sees The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey…
Rating: PG

New Horizons
A conversation between two elves setting out into the unknown. A Belated Birthday Gift for Jael, inspired by her Thranduil. Thanks to Aeärwen for betaing
Rating: PG


The Stranger
A young boy meets a stranger on a beach in the early 20th century.
Rating: PG-13

Two friends suffer the loss of their friendship due to their own foolishness, and each must find the courage to make it right.
Rating: G

Boromir wakes to discover he is well taken care of. Fluff.
Rating: G


Long she waited for his return, and now the trees whisper, urging her to run. Legolas/OFC
Rating: R (Mature Readers)

The Forest Maiden's View
Does it really matter if I admire him? she wondered. I know he'd never look twice at me. One maid watches, unknowing she is watched in return. Haldir/OFC
Rating: PG-13

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