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This site is currently under construction. Stories are still being added and pages designed. Please return to see the site's progress soon.

 6/24/14 - Several stories added to the Undying Friendship Series. More to come soon!


Well met! And welcome to ASGARNEN, the personal archive of Nieriel Raina, aka NiRi. All stories are grouped by related series and are listed in chronological order along with ratings and summaries. Feedback is always welcome!

NiRi's love of Tolkien's works was fueled over Thanksgiving 2005 when she was referred to the movies by a friend. Since she has read The Silmarillion, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings multiple times. Her love of Middle-earth inspired her to write about the people and places she had grown to love, and so here at Asgarnen, you will find her Tolkien Fanfiction.

In addition to writing, Nieriel Raina is also the administrator of Amid the Boughs of Eryn Lasgalen There Was a Talan (a forum at

The author recognizes that her stories are a form of derivative fiction based on the works of JRR Tolkien. However, she is also very possessive of specific ideas, plot lines and original characters. Please ask before borrowing. Likewise, please do not archive the author’s stories without permission.

All artwork contained on this site was created by Nieriel Raina. Please enjoy it, but do not take and/or use/alter in any manner without the artist's permission.

The characters and places written about herein are the property of the Tolkien Estate. No copyright infringement is intended, nor is any profit gained in the writing other than the enjoyment of the author and the readers.

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