The Spider Chronicles

It began with a giant spider who fell through a random portal and ended up on the author's front porch. Soon that spider was telling tales of Middle-earth, and other characters were dropping in and turning up in unexpected places.
It continued with the Avengers joining the Fellowship and the chaos.
A series of tales that tell the 'true' story of how the characters from the author's favorite fandoms moved in and took over her life.

A Mirkwood Spider Landed On My Front Porch
The Spider Chronicles Book One. A True Story.
What happens when creatures and people from Middle-earth move in? Your life is NEVER the same. Spiders on the porch? Elves in the closet? A dwarf in the kitchen? Welcome to my life...
2nd Place 2011 MEFA Humor: Comedy/Drama
Rating: PG-13

Now a podfic!!

When Fandoms Collide
Welcome to my life, where characters move in and take over. This time, they're not just from Middle-earth! Legolas objects to my Hawkeye crush? Thor and Gimli make poptarts? Steve is traumatized by Elrond? And then there's Loki! What happens when Hobbits and Tony Stark insist the Fellowship join the Avengers? My life gets more insane, that's what! Sequel to A Mirkwood Spider Landed On My Front Porch Rating: PG-13

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