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How It Should End
Inspired by photos from behind the scenes of Captain America 2 (spoilers) and a wish to see at least a cameo of Hawkeye in the film, if only in the end credits, despite Jeremy's current look being rather UN-Hawk-like. And so this story came explore just what those photos may have really been and how it would affect Natasha and Clint. Romance or friendship could be implied…
Rating: PG-13

Defining Points

Natasha had no idea that such a coincidental meeting would change her life so dramatically. He spared her life, giving her a second chance to find purpose and a way to balance her ledger. Their friendship? She didn't over analyze it. It didn't need defining. It was hers. Hers and his. That was all that mattered. Until he was compromised and she came face to face with Loki and discovered herself unwittingly compromised as well. Black Widow/Hawkeye. Movieverse with a touch of comic canon per author's prerogative.
Rating: PG-13

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