Stories of friendship, humor, mystery, angst, adventure, and even some romance. All stories in this series are in the same story arc, bringing together the key players from the Silmarillion to The Hobbit to The Lord Of The Rings, with a few original characters thrown in for fun. From the First Age to beyond the Fourth, from Tirion to Rivendell, Mirkwood to Gondor, these stories explore the various characters in Tolkien's legendarium, the friendships, and how they are all eventually connected.

Collections included in the story arc of the UFS

Short Accounts of Middle-earth:
A collection of short accounts under 1000 words, focusing on various characters in Tolkien's legendarium. Part of the UFS unless otherwise noted.

Heart of the Elvenking:

A collection of short stories focusing on Thranduil and his family.


Golden Lord of Gondolin:

A collection of short stories focusing on Glorfindel and his life in Imladris, especially his friendship with Aragorn and Erestor.


Fungal Follies:

A collection of short stories with Hobbits interacting with other cultures over mushrooms!


Story List in Chronological Order

As of 03/17/15

All stories are one shots unless otherwise noted by # of chapters

(Stories located in collections are found in parentheses with their chapter number)


1st Age or Prior


Discordant Symphony (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 4)

Mairon (Sauron) makes his choice who to follow


A Horse For Finda
Young Findaráto is reminded of his first horse and receives a gift from his friend Amarië while visiting the stables in Tirion.


Wisps of Gold
An elf lord of Finwë's house watches his wife struggle to bring their son into the world.

By The Grey Light Of Dawn
The day Fingolfin rode out to face Morgoth, from the perspective of one close to him.


Fulfilling Oaths
Multi-age fic. Finrod doubts his strength at Tol-in-Gaurhoth. After his death, Beren considers the Ring of Felagund and over the years it is passed down until a mysterious messenger arrives in Aman. LOTR/Silm.
3rd Place 2008 Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards Times: Multi-Age: General


2nd Age

Deeper And Richer (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 37)
An elf visits his friend's home for the first time. The catch? His friend is a dwarf!


3rd Age


With a Single Glance (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 7)

Elrond finds the courage to ask for Celebrían's hand


A Matter of Some Concern

109 3rd Age. Elrond is subjected to his new wife's concerns about his Chief Counsellor, when he'd rather be subjected to her charms.


Sword Play

136 3rd Age. A vision of the future, along with the wisdom and persistence of his chief counselor, has Elrond rethinking just how he should spend his day. 


The Beast of Terror (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 31)

Erestor is attacked in his rooms

Home For An Elvenking (Heart of the Elvenking chapter 1)
1054 3rd Age. With the Shadow turning Greenwood to Mirkwood, Thranduil must relocate his people from the Mountains to a new home.

Transformed (Heart of the Elvenking chapter 2)

1057 3rd Age. Thranduil takes his wife to their new home in northern Greenwood with a plan in mind that will change their lives.

The Water's Song
1060 3rd Age. Thranduil spends a day in the wood with his wife and youngest child, but something happens that is unexpected and not forgotten.

Where Is It? (5 chapters)
1093 3rd Age. Something is missing. Young Legolas is suspected of taking it. His siblings are sent to bring him to the king. Will what was taken ever be found?


A Marvelous Day (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 24)

Legolas's first crush


First Milestone (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 5)

Legolas's first scar from battle.

Silver Bells
2510 3rd Age. Falling snow, a warm fire and haunting memories. A grieving Elrond determines to skip the holiday festivities, not realizing how much he is needed, especially when it comes to his devastated sons. When a mysterious trunk is uncovered, the contents help return hope to the Lord of Imladris and his household.

Whatever Harm Encroached (Heart of the Elvenking chapter 3)
2759 3rd Age. A hunter searches for his prey in the frozen forest of Mirkwood during the Long Winter.

Spiced Wine On A Snowy Day (Golden Lord of Gondolin chapter 1)
2933 3rd Age. A snowy day in Imladris.

2935 3rd Age. When Glorfindel is once again late for a meeting, Erestor sends a determined escort to see he arrives promptly and attired appropriately. (short story)

Never, In All My Days… (6 chapters)
2935 3rd Age. A trip to Imladris is not everything Legolas expects it to be when he meets Lord Elrond's foster son, four year old Estel.

Deadly Was the Wrath
2941 3rd Age. "You are more worthy to wear the armour of elf-princes than many that have looked more comely in it." That was what his father told Mr. Bilbo Baggins. Legolas at the Battle of Five Armies

Instruction In Youth
2943 3rd Age. The Prince of Mirkwood takes on a dubious task…instructing a young Estel about life from the elvish proverbs.

Watching The Ants (Golden Lord of Gondolin chapter 2)
2944 3rd Age. Estel learns some lessons can be learned lying on his belly.

Dance of Steel (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 23)

Glorfindel and Erestor dance with swords

A Dark Shadow Under The Moon
3018 3rd Age. "…In the days of June, sudden war came upon us out of Mordor, and we were swept away. We were outnumbered, for Mordor has allied itself with the Easterlings and the cruel Haradrim; but it was not by numbers that we were defeated. A power was there that we have not felt before." --JRR Tolkien, The Council of Elrond, Fellowship of the Ring  

Keeping Watch (Golden Lord of Gondolin chapter 3)
3018 3rd Age. Dispairing news often brings fear...but it is how we respond that counts.

Elvish Magic (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 33)
3018 3rd Age. Shortly after arriving in Rivendell with Frodo, Sam stumbles across a mystery. Could it be elvish magic at work?

Hold To Hope (Heart of the Elvenking chapter 4)
3018 3rd Age. Dispairing news often brings fear...but it is how we respond that counts.

Light of the Evenstar (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 2)

Aragorn leaves on the Quest

In Good Company (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 37)
Boromir observes his strange companions as they set out on their journey.

To Represent The Elves
3018 3rd Age. As the Nine Walkers travel south, two members of the Fellowship become better acquainted.

HONORABLE MENTION 2007 Middle-earth Fanfiction Awards Genres: Humor: General

Taste The Fungus (Fungal Follies chapter 1)
3018 3rd Age. During the Quest, the Fellowship had to eat on the run. And they were all subject to the cooking habits of Hobbits.

Observation (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 16)

Haldir and his brothers watch the Fellowship before speaking to them

A Successful Attempt
3019 3rd Age. After the loss of Gandalf in Moria, can an elf and dwarf put aside their differences and attempt to be friends? A companion story to Offering Nothing More Than Tears

I Am Of The House Of Eorl
3019 3rd Age. When the Three Hunters and Gandalf come to Edoras, history is made, events are set in motion and some will never be the same… A look at the events from an unusual perspective...that of a wolfhound.

Imminent Defeat (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 10)

Theoden's thoughts at Helm's Deep  


Darkest Before Dawn
3019 3rd Age. What gave Aragorn such strength of will to go boldly into the Paths of the Dead, seemingly fearless in the face of such evil – even when the lights go out?

The Trees Were Burning (5 chapters)
3019 3rd Age. Wishing to fight with his people and disappointed to be instead sent as a messenger to Mirkwood, young Blákári, a dwarf of Erebor, finds himself beneath the trees, forced to join in a battle that is not his and to fight alongside a race he has been taught to despise.

Utúlie'n Aurë (Golden Lord of Gondolin chapter 4)

Glorfindel's reaction to Sauron's destruction

Free To Live (Heart of the Elvenking chapter 5)
3019 3rd Age. Thranduil goes to Dol Guldur after its destruction to see with his own eyes that the Shadow has been defeated.

The Last Gift
3019 3rd Age. Elrond had given him many gifts over the course of his life. Looking back, Aragorn remembers. 1st Place December 2009 Teitho Contest 'Giving Gifts, Receiving Gifts'

Feast On Mushrooms (Fungal Follies chapter 2)
3019 3rd age. Hobbits seem to be quite taken with mushrooms, but not everyone they come into contact with concurs, as Pippin finds out during the Quest in Taste the Fungus and again after the War in Feast on Mushrooms. A pair of related fics

Reunited (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 15)

Sam and Bill are reunited in Imladris

Ghosts And Ghouls
3019 3rd Age. During their travels, Legolas and Gimli encounter a village with some beliefs the dwarf has never encountered before. Legolas enlightens him.

What's For Dinner?
3019 3rd Age. He always knew wood-elves were strange. Will their outlandish customs prove too much for a stout dwarf like Gimli?

2ND PLACE March 2009 Teitho Contest; 2ND PLACE 2009 MEFA Genres: Character Study: Friendship


Great Effort (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 26)

Thranduil's reaction to Gimli


Dance Of The Deer And Múmak
3019 3rd Age. "By all that is stone, how did he talk me into this, a dwarf at an elvish merry making?" Gimli's thoughts during a wood-elf celebration post War of the Ring.


A Good Thing (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 36)
3019 3rd Age. Legolas visits the Lonely Mountain for the first time and is surprised by what he finds

Changed (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 14)

Gimli's thoughts of how he's changed


Treasured Moments (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 21)

Aragorn observes his wife


Distant Trees of Home (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 19)

Legolas leaves for Ithilien


Seeds Of Hope
3020 3rd Age. When Legolas relocated to Ithilien, he did so with the thought that he could heal the broken land, reseed the forests and bring beauty once again to Gondor. Instead he finds different seeds must first be planted, and that the true beauty of Ithilien will be the merging of the peoples themselves.

2nd place Teitho "Seeds"


Peace Denied (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 1)

Eomer deals with the Dunelendings


His Horse-lady (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 29)

Faramir considers his new wife

Of Fillies And Kings
3020 3rd Age. Alone I watch, never seen, a stranger in a strange land, observing those who are now my people.

Forest Assault (Heart of the Elvenking chapter 6)
3021 3rd Age. Legolas receives a surprise visitor, and learns some disturbing news.


The Decision (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 27)

Haldir chooses whether to join his lady in the West.

Let Me Be Your Strength
3021 3rd
Age. When Elrond arrives on Tol Eressëa, he finds healing for the bitter wounds in his heart.

4th Age


Tracking Monsters
1 4th Age. Legolas searches out a new and possibly evil creature in Ithilien. A companion fic to Uncharacteristic Fury.

Uncharacteristic Fury
1 4th Age. Eowyn returns from helping an injured man to find her husband is furious with her.

Respite (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 32)

Legolas works to rebuild Ithilien

The Gift
1 4th Age. Legolas receives a surprise visitor, and learns some disturbing news.

Ease My Heart
5 4th Age. Sometimes those who affect our lives so greatly are those who are silent. And we never forget them. Sequel to I Am of the House of Eorl.

Brink of the Sea (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 22)

Gimli pulls Legolas back from his sea longing

Birthday Celebrations (8 chapters)
6 4th Age. It is the first of March and the White City is celebrating the birthday of King Elessar! But festivities sometimes do not go as planned...Will Legolas survive the night?

Catching A Steward Off His Guard
7 4th Age. The complete story of Faramir's unfortunate inability to keep on his guard at all times as referenced in the story Never Again. Completely revised to fit with Birthday Celebrations!

Never Again (26 chapters)
7 4th
Age. Tormented by the sea longing, Legolas visits Minas Tirith. But when he is caught in a cave in, will friends he cannot remember be able to help him, or will he sail, having forgotten why he remained?

Wicked (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 20)

Aragorn pursues his wife


Where Once My Enemy Stood (Heart of the Elvenking chapter 7)

7 4th Age. Thranduil contemplates his enemy...

1st Place Races: Elves: Fixed Length Ficlet 2007 MEFA.


As Was Dwarven Tradition

8 4th Age. Gimli celebrates his one hundred and fiftieth birthday, one of the great milestones of a dwarf's life. But someone is missing.

3RD PLACE 2008 Middle-earth Fanficion Awards: Dwarves: General.


Seemingly Forbidding Crags (2 chapters)

9 4th Age. An Elf wakes to excessive heat and pain and finds himself in the clutches of a vile enemy! Or is all as it seems?


Night Vigil (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 18)

Legolas waits for Aragorn's heir to be born


Hide The Knives (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 30)

Eldarion's Birth


Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It SNOW! (4 chapters)

11 4th Age. Spring in Imladris? Autumn in Eriador? Summer in Ithilien? What has this to do with Yule? And why is everyone confessing? Starring Glorfindel, Aragorn and Legolas. With Elrond, Erestor, and Gimli.


A Torturous Predicament Called Entertainment (4 chapters)

12 4th Age. A delegation from Gondor to Harad get more than they bargained for in the way of entertainment.

2ND PLACE 2007 MC Awards - Biggest Laughter Story.



14 4th Age. Gimli finds himself in a most unlikely location thanks to Eldarion's gift from the Haradrim Ambassador, much to Legolas's amusement.

1ST PLACE May 2007 Teitho Contest

1ST PLACE 2007 MC Awards Best Friendship. Undying Friendship Series.


Offering Nothing More Than Tearss

14 4th Age. Upon receiving word that Gimli's mother has only a short time to live, Legolas races to Erebor to offer what comfort he can.

1ST PLACE 2006 MC Awards - Best Friendship Story.


When You Gotta Go… (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 34)

Pippin faces a dilemma serving at Lake Evendim



17 4th Age. Aragorn wakes to a promising day, but as soon as he gets out of bed, trouble looms. His wife is missing! Prepared for danger, he and Legolas must do all in their power to solve the mystery. Failure is not an option!


A Trickle of Green Ribbon

21 4th Age. When Sam and Rosie visit Minas Tirith they also bring four-year-old Ruby. But Ruby disappears and it's up to a certain elf to find the child who has longed to meet him. Slightly AU.

Honorable Mention 2009 MEFA Genres: Character Study: General.


Heritage (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 11)

Eldarion chooses to embrace his heritage on both sides.


Forever Changed

22 4th Age. Once a man loses use of his legs, he's of little use to anyone. Or is he? Can one ex-soldier find hope in the crowd as the king passes by?


Never Alone (35 chapters)

29 4th Age. The Elvenking's Halls are abandoned, and Legolas, alone with his grief, finds a mysterious child in the woods. But all is not as it seems, and it could cost his life. It will certainly change him forever. Will Aragorn and Gimli find him in time to help him?


Rude Awakening (Short Accounts of Middle-earth 6)

Aragorn has a rude awakening


Freedom Is Never Free

31 4th Age. Freedom is not free. Aragorn remembers how he has learned that painful lesson over the course of his life.

1st Place January 2010 Teitho Contest.


Best By Far

38 4th Age. Escaping the celebrations of Legolas's second millennium, the elf and Gimli discuss women, swords and begetting day gifts.


The Last Green Leaf (4 chapters)

73 4th Age. Immortal life is not granted to all, and death oft comes sooner than anticipated. But even in death, a legacy lives on. A look at the friendship of Aragorn and Legolas from the perspective of an unusual source - a dying oak tree.


Follow The Sun

120 4th Age. Legolas faces the darkest night of his life – and the death of a close friend. Honorable Mention 2009 Middle-earth Fanfiction Awards Genres: Character Study: Final Partings.


Tangible Memories
120 4th Age. Legolas must make the difficult decision of what to take with him when he sails into the West.

In Aman

Bittersweet (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 8)

Frodo in Aman


Unbearable Parting (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 9)

Legolas must face the death of his last mortal friend


A Song That Was

Legolas attempts to come to terms with the death of Gimli.

1st Place 2009 Middle-earth Fanfiction Awards Genres: Character Study: Angst. Undying Friendship Series.



Ripples... Once started, you never know where they will end. In Aman, a lady speaks with an elf about a maiden of Middle-earth, and how her choice affected all.

2ND PLACE July 2007 Teitho Contest.


Unexpected Trek (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 13)

Auros must learn to accept his daughter's betrothed. A companion to The Prince and the Shepherdess


Every Year on the First Day of March

Many years after the death of King Elessar, some still remember…

3RD PLACE 2006 September Teitho Contest.


Departure (Short Accounts of Middle-earth chapter 3)

Maglor heads for Aman


The End

The time had come at last…it was the end. The end of Arda and the fate of the elves.















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