The Son of Gloin and Thranduils Son

A mixture of movie and bookverse. Written for the Tolkien Tango Prompt #16: Appointed

The Son of Glóin and Thranduil's Son

By Nieriel Raina

Gimli strode from Elrond's study back to the room he shared with Glóin. Much occupied his mind. He had been appointed to represent his kind and to travel with Frodo to see the One Ring destroyed. His Da would be proud of him. Indeed, he felt pride in himself at being chosen. Such a trip would require a mighty warrior to prove the strength and cunning of the Dwarves to the other races represented, and to protect Frodo. And out of all the Dwarves who had travelled to Rivendell, it was he – Gimli Glóin's son – that had been chosen.

One small thing overshadowed his good spirits, however. That flighty Elf – Thranduil's son no less! – would also be going. Gimli snorted. It was true the Elves of Mirkwood fought bravely (so his Da had said about the Battle of Five Armies), but he'd rather have another Dwarf along, or a Hobbit – even another wizard! – rather than that elf!

He stormed into his guest chamber, his temper flaring as he remembered the heated words he and Thranduil's son had shared during the Council. That dratted Elf had had the audacity to sneer at him! The two of them would never get along. Gimli would have to kill the other to keep the peace!

"Da!" he called out, not seeing Glóin in the room. A grunt came from the open balcony door, from which a swirl of smoke could be seen wisping away in the slight wind.. "Da, I'm going to Mordor." He stepped out onto the balcony and fixed Glóin with a furious look.

His Da blinked at him. "And who else was chosen to go?"

Gimli harrumphed. "That Elf!"

: - :

Legolas left Elrond's study with a smile on his face. He felt a bit shocked that Lord Elrond had appointed him for this task out all the mighty lords of the Eldar that resided in Imladris, but he was also pleased. It would not be easy convincing his guard to return to his father's halls without him, but whether they liked it or not, he was travelling with Aragorn, Gandalf, the Man of Gondor and the Hobbits. And the Dwarf.

His lips twitched in both amusement and exasperation as he remembered the fiery temper of the son of Glóin. The two of them would never get along; it was a given as their races never had been fond of each other – not to mention the history between their families! But it might be fun to see how red in the face the Dwarf could get, and how many curious sounds the son of Glóin could make when flustered. A dangerous mission should never be undertaken without some form of amusement to help one stay sane. The Dwarf would be his.

Slipping into his guest chamber, his eyes came to rest on the Captain of his guard, sitting in a chair waiting for him. "Time for you to return home, Captain." When his elder merely lifted a brow, Legolas grinned. "I've been chosen to accompany the Ring-bearer."

The Captain actually looked abashed at the news. "With the Dwarf?"

Legolas' grin turned feral. "Yes, with the Dwarf."

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