Asgarnen: Fanfiction by Nieriel Raina



By Nieriel Raina

Bainael slowed her steps as the trees rustled. No wind stirred their branches, and she paused to listen to the whispers of the foliage dancing in the sunlight. Her breath stilled, even as her heart began to pound.

He was alive! And he was coming home.

She dropped the basket of herbs she had been gathering and began to run, following the woody voices urging her to find him. Her feet flew over leaves and moss as she slipped through the woods on paths known only to the elves.

The sun sank below the trees, the sunset fading into twilight. The light dwindled to a dusky blue-grey that softened the woods. And then, he was there, just ahead in the trees. She stumbled to a stop, and just looked.

He stood tall and as handsome as she remembered with his golden hair loosed from his warrior's braids. Not far from him, his bow leaned against a tree. At its base, a tumbled heap of his outer tunic and boots half concealed the worn leather pack and his quiver. He'd anticipated her arrival, and it warmed her heart.

Then he smiled and held his arms open for her. Bainael covered the last few yards and threw herself against him, wrapping him in her own embrace. How she had missed him over the past year, fretted she would never see him again, worried he was injured, tired or hungry.

But now he held her, his hands caressing her back, sliding up her sides, burying in her hair. Neither spoke a word, for nothing needed to be said. Bainael tilted her head back and let him capture her lips in a fiery kiss.

Her hands moved over his back, up to his shoulders, then down to grasp his backside. Oh, yes, she'd sure missed that! He chuckled and skimmed his lips along her jaw, then up to nibble behind her ear, before trailing a burning path down her neck to the exposed skin above the neckline of her dress.

She groaned and tipped her head back further to give him better access, but he lifted his head, his eyes sparkling with longing. A moment later she found herself on her back in the soft ferns under an ancient oak. Another moment and he attacked her dress ties with skillful fingers. Her own began to work, untying, tugging, and pulling until they both lay bare to the other's gaze.

Slowly, they explored one another for the first time in a year. But the soft touches turned to needy caresses, until she pulled him to lie over her, nestled between her thighs. Their tenderness turned to desperation, a need to join, to reassure each other this was no dream. Until at last, they cried out, their spirits mingling as they only did in this moment where their bodies also became one.

: - :

The stars shone overhead. Legolas held his love in his arms feeling content and sated as he hadn't in too long. Many things had changed for him. Life would never be as it once had for them. The sea called to him, its luring melody haunting him. He had made promises to his mortal friends – oaths to return, which he would keep. At the time, he had not considered that his wife might not wish to join him, either in Ithilien or Elvenhome. Now he could think of nothing else. He would be lost without her!

Fingers traced from his brow down his cheek, turning his head so he looked into her eyes. "Much has changed," she noted, searching his eyes.

He nodded, glancing away, but that determined finger would not let him be for long. She drew him back, smiled sadly up at him. "Where you go, I go. Your home is my home. Your king, my king."

And finally, after months of dark battles, loss and turmoil, Legolas found peace.

: - :

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