By Nieriel Raina

He groaned, and turned over on his bed, fumbling for the covers which had slipped down to his waist. Why was it so freezing in here anyway? The door creaked open, and light poured into the dark chamber, causing him to close his eyes even more tightly than they already were.


"Unnnggghhh," he managed out, unable to get proper words to form. He just felt too badly. What was wrong with him anyway? Coherent thought seemed to fail him.

Soft steps sounded on the stone floor, before being muffled by the thick rug which spilled out from under his bed. Then, a cool hand pressed against his brow. "By the Valar, you are hot!" His forehead abruptly bereft of the cool touch, the footsteps retreated back the way they had come, along with the lamplight.

"You! Girl! Summon a leech immediately! Tell them Lord Boromir is ill and to come to his quarters."

Boromir cringed and clenched his teeth as the loud voice seemed to echo through his aching head. "Dunnit yahlll," he groaned to his little brother.

He could hear the amusement in Faramir's voice as the younger man came close again. "I did not yell, brother. It just sounds that way when one has a fever; and you, my dear brother, are ill."

"Don git ihll."

A chuckle sounded, and he decided to open his eyes to glare at the offender. All he could manage was to crack them slightly, as the light from the turned down lamp burned his eyes like the sun. “However resistant to illness you are, this time, you are, so do not bother to deny it.”

Boromir did not, since in truth, he felt too terrible to continue. He watched his brother through slitted eyes pour some water from his pitcher into the washbasin. He let them slip back shut, and moments later, a cool, wet cloth was pressed to his brow, and he sighed, welcoming the comforting touch.

“Thank you.”

“You are welcome. Now, try to sleep. A leech will be here soon with something to help you feel better.”


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