Elven Teeth



Alquawende brought up a question at a writer’s forum we belong to about elven teeth, and how do elves keep their teeth if they are immortal. Do they get cavities? What about wear? That had me scratching my head, because teeth wear down whether you get cavities or not.

However, Gwynnyd kindly offered a suggestion. Maybe they are like Elephants. Elephants have six teeth in each half jaw, but no more than two are in use at the same time (except in young elephants who may use three). The teeth grow from back to front, and follow a linear pathway of movement as the preceding tooth is progressively worn down at the front. Each tooth drops out as it reaches the front of the elephant’s jaw.

The resulting bunny I could not resist. Enjoy!
For the record, this is my first double drabble. Exactly 200 words.

Elven Teeth
by Nieriel Raina

"Ada, Ada!" The king’s son entered the room without knocking, causing the Elvenking to look up from his consuming work.

"Not now, Legolas, I am busy with these reports from the captains."

"But..." the prince's lip began to tremble. "I lost a tooth. You always give me a prize when I lose a tooth."

Thranduil looked up, disbelief on his face. "Legolas, that was when you were an elfling! You are over a thousand years old, now."

Legolas' expression saddened. He looked crestfallen. "But I lost a tooth..." He held the worn-down nub up for his father to see.

Thranduil shook his head, and couldn't help the exasperated smile the drew up the corners of his mouth. He stood slowly, stretching the kinks from his muscles. A break would be nice. He made his way to two chairs before the fire, where a tray sat on a small table.

"Galion just brought me a snack. Mulled wine and raspberry tarts. You can share."

Legolas, seemingly have forgotten his age, skipped happily to the opposite chair from his father, plopped down, and gleefully popped a tart in his mouth.

Thranduil just shook his head. "Elflings," he muttered. "They never grow up."


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